Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Rules

1. ______ If it is not about you, don't report it.

2. ______ If you didn't hear/see it happen, let it go.

3. ______ Talk directly to the person.

4. ______ Give each other time to cool down. (At least 24 hours/one FULL day)

5. ______ Check back in with the person. (24 hours later!)

6. ______ Think about if the person is really your friend. (and if not, choose to keep yourself away from them)

7. ______ Write your complaint.

The rule is that, unless a student has met physical harm, students must attempt to resolve the conflict on their own first. If they have tried all of the steps and the person they are dealing with persists in causing conflicts or being unreasonable, they are then allowed to write their concerns. The goal is that this will weed out small pet peeves, but it may bring about some of the more real and major issues that students might even have trouble articulating. I already have one over-eager student who is excited for the chance to write and rat someone out. I fear that he might be my new friend Mr. Example. Because, in order to discourage unnecessary meanness and ridiculousness, there are now strict consequences for complaining without following the steps or fabricating checklist completion.

I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. GREAT list! Hope it works like magic!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Actually, one of my students looked in the box at the end of the week and very proudly announced, "We haven't had a single complaint ALL week!" This just shows how much they were abusing the previous system. I'm pleased with the results so far! :)